Monday, December 27, 2010

Styling Olivia's Hair

Just a few months ago, Olivia barely had any hair on her head for me to play with. She had lost all of her newborn hair around 6 months, which is normal. Her new hair began to sprout in late August to early September. Since then, I've been very careful about how I've been grooming her hair. I know for many parents, this is the least of their concerns. African American hair care is very different from other races, as far as its needs for constant moisture and delicate handling. Because of our extremely tight coils, our hair tends to be extremely dry and delicate. 

I've worn chemically straightened hair for almost 20 years, and out of those 20 years, I had spent about 2 years experimenting with my natural hair only to return to relaxed hair. Now that I have a little girl whom's hair I do not plan on relaxing, i've decided to stop relaxing my hair as well for many reasons that I will blog about at a later date.

I've read 2 books about maintaining my natural hair, and I found that many of the practices are very opposite of what we're taught about our hair from generation to generation. I've adapted these new practices and used them on the both of us, and I've seen dramatic difference.

Here is one of the styles that I do in Olivia's hair that save me time from combing her hair on a daily basis.
It's not the normal cornrows, this is actually a two-strand twist, which puts less stress and tension on her delicate hair line.

The twist are very soft and loose, because of that, they don't last very long. I actually don't mind being that I wash her hair at least every week.

So there it is, we went from having very little hair to almost a complete full head. Still waiting for her hairline and nape to grow in.

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