Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Olivia's Winter Skincare

I am newly obsessed with the California Baby product line. I've had my eyes on this stuff for a long time now, but I never gave it try because I already had an over load of other baby care products that I received as gifts. In fact, I am just recently getting through half of my supply and Olivia's 14 months now.

I remember at one particular point,  I reconsidered changing products not only because  her doctor recommended it, but Olivia suffered a terrible "baby rash " episode and that didn't come about until I started bathing her on a regular basis with these so called "delicate" baby soaps and lotions. My only thought was,"it couldn't be the soap, its made for babies!"

So now, here we are in the cold dry winter months,  our well heated apartment,  and still an abundance of that baby care stuff. The perfect concoction to send my baby's smooth skin into eczema overload, NOT HAPPENING this time!

With the winter being so cold and dry here in NY it doesn't help that we have dry heat in our apartment as well. Therefore my humidifier is always on,  keeping our sinuses intact and our skin soft and supple. Besides the humidifier, here are the products by California Baby that I have tested out thus far and love:

  • First I set her bath with the California Baby® Calendula Shampoo & Bodywash already in the warm water. I put a little extra on a wash cloth and lather her body from head to toe then rinse her off.
  • When I take her out the bath, I give her a good towel pat down and then I coat her skin with the California Baby® Calendula Cream (helps with eczema too, thanks Letannya). 
  • I immediately follow that up with a mixture of 100% all natural Shea Butter mixed with Jojoba Oil to seal in that moisture. 
  • I then dress her and if it's night time, I use the California Baby® Overtired & Cranky™ Aromatherapy Spritzer. I spray it on her clothes, and on her neck and sometimes her face, I also spray it on her sheets right before i put her down to sleep. 

And there you have it, thats my bath time skincare routine for Olivia, so far it's been amazing, the products smell wonderful, her skin is softer that ever before and that spritzer really seems to sooth her when she's tired and cranky. I look forward to buying tons more of the California Baby product line for Olivia, and her baby sister.


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  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your daughter is so cute! I love trying new products, I have not tried Cali baby b/c I was not sure if it was worth the money, but I will give it a whirl.

  3. I love California baby! Their diaper spray is amazing. I'm a new follower from bloggymoms. Good to "meet" you. Your Olivia is adorable.


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