Thursday, November 4, 2010

Two Under Two - The Stroller

Okay, so  I'm about to be a mother of two girls under two years old in about 4 months, and I don't even know if I'm ready! I have a never ending list of things to do but the list seems to be growing instead of shrinking! Then a friend of mine sent me a text the other day that said "get started on your registry".

A registry ??? What do I put on a registry? I thought had everything that I needed. Olivia pretty much paved the way for Baby Girl # 2, no ?  We got the clothes, the playpen, the breast pump, the toys, the first aid kit, etc.

Then I got into deep thought, I really have to prepare myself for this because I don't want REALITY to hit me like a ton of bricks two days after giving birth. So I started thinking, besides the clothes and stuff, what do I really need to survive with Two Under Two ?

My personal project is to go through a complete week pretending that Baby Girl #2 has arrived. Everything that I do for Olivia, I must think/say to myself "What if there were two ?" From feedings, bathtime, naptime, car rides, playtime, running errands, shopping in the mall, doing laundry, cooking, cleaning and even taking a shower!!

So I came up with the ultimate solution, I am emptying my bank account and running away from home!
Oops, did I type that out ?

No, but really, I've been doing tons of research on two particular items, the stroller & carseat (butI'll get to the carseat later).  My eyes are glued on the Britax B-Ready Stroller. It's everything I can possibly need, and I am in love with the sleek design and versatility of this transformer of a stroller. The people who made this thing are Geniuses!!

The blue arrows indicate the configurations that i'd use more often.

I think this baby folds up tighter than my umbrella stroller!

Do you see why I'm in Love??


  1. following you back from Teens and a Toddler (via Bloggy Moms)... Thanks

  2. Umm you don't think that baby is too close to the floor DJ? lol

  3. That is something rocket scientist have invented it looks so complicated but it looks like it would work wonders for you.


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