Saturday, November 6, 2010

Two Under Two - The Stroller Test Drive

a continuation of a previous post : Two Under Two - The Stroller

After spending the evening finding all the resources and reviews of this stroller, I decided to go test drive this baby myself, and my demo model came right along with me.She slept most of the time, and that always a bonus. Never wake a sleeping baby!

I went to the nearest Buy Buy Baby, scoped out the stroller section, played with a few other strollers(gotta warm up), and then floated over to the Britax B-Ready. I played with the stroller without any assistance at first only because I just really wanted to see if it were as easy as the Britax video and other B-Ready owners claimed. After I had confirmation, I then asked for a demonstration from one of the sales associates, and it was truly a breeze.

1. Almost all components are adjustable. Everything just snaps and clicks into different positions to accommodate the 4'll" momma to the 5'10 momma like myself.

2. The height of the top seat is pretty high, and I like that because she's always in arm's length reach. I don't have to bed over and reach in the attend to her needs.

3. The frame is very light weight compared to my current stroller

4. It folds and opens very smoothly and easily.

5. It's not bulky at like most tandem strollers, very sleek and slim, but packs everything you would ever need.

Here are a few video reviews that I found from is also GIVING AWAY a FREE Britax B-Ready Stroller!! Can you believe this ? It's valued at $499 and here's your chance (and mine) to get it for FREE. Click Here for more details, and Good Luck!!

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