Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Target vs. Gymboree

I think it's very hard to find cute and unique finds at Target for little girls. I always make a run to target for odds and ends, but rarely shop in the clothing department for Olivia. Most of the time the clothes do not look like they're of great quality, and other times, they just just look cheesy. I don't know if its just the target in my neighborhood, but just yesterday, i made a run to Target in another location, and there was big difference in clothes selection. I found clothes that were cute, stylish, trendy and of quality and eve comparable to Gymboree clothing.

I purchased this cute sweater from target yesterday for $8.
from target $8 (sale price)
compare to:
from Gymboree $24 (sale price)

I happen to like both sweaters, but I'm sorry, I would never pay $24 for a sweater for a 12 month old. Also, the dog on the red shirt seems to be a scottish terrier, but in silohette looks VERY similar to our miniature schnauzer, Bella. So now you see why I am biased to the Cherokee brand sweater

Another comparison:
from Gymboree $15.99 (sale price)
compare to:
from Target $14.99 (sale price)
I'd pay the extra dollar for the little bow detail!

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