Friday, November 5, 2010

Olivia Turns One - The check up

on the scale at the doctor's office
Weight: 22.8 pounds
Height: 31 inches
Head Circumference: 46cm

So far we doing great! Her pediatrician says that she's growing wonderfully, and developing at just the right pace.

I got tons of my questions answered, especially about her eating habits, bottle feeding/solids, and formula. 

From this day forward, we will not buy another bottle of formula, we're done!! YAY ! Olivia will be drinking nothing but whole milk, fruit juice, and water starting today Its s a good thing we spent the last month slowly weaning her off the formula.  
Also, I've got to wean her off the bottle now, this wont be hard at all, I've already introduced the sippy cup at about 6 months old, she has no problem with it at all. Well besides that fact she likes to turn the cup upside down and watch the fluids poor out all over the place.

Finally, her eating habits. What the pediatrician said to me today is very similar to what my Veterinarian said to me when my dog Bella wasn't eating her food. He said "She wont starve herself, if she's hungry, she'll eat, if she doesn't want it, take the food away and try it again later, eventually she'll want the food."

And thats about it . . .
Next visit, 15 months old!

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  1. Aww! It's amazing how quickly time goes by at that age. My daughter went threw a stage where she wouldn't eat. It was quickly outgrown, lol. I'm following you from bloggy moms. Meant to do it a while back. Take Care! - Lisa :)


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