Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Time to POTTY !!

Can you believe that its that time already?? Its time to potty train Olivia. I had no cue that she was giving me signs until I told my sister the story and she recommended that I put Olivia on the toilet ASAP.

Here's the story: one evening, Olivia was laying in bed with me, I was actually putting her to sleep. She then popped up and stood in the middle of the bed and pulled her diapers off. Now she had been pulling her diapers off for quite some time now, and I noticed that she only does it when her diaper is extremely full. So I thought, hmmm... she really hates being wet!

So this evening when she pulled her diaper off,  I decided to take Lisa's advice and sat her on the toilet. Olivia was so frightened that she'd fall in, so I calmed her down with a soothing happy voice just to let her know everything was ok. Well after about 30 seconds, she literally fought me to get her off the toilet, and so I did.  Then I thought, hmm... maybe if I use the potty and show her. So I sat in the toilet and did a number 1 of course, and almost is unison, Olivia stood there and peed too!!

I know this seems so weird, but I was so proud of her, she understood what I was doing , and understood how to control her bowels to make the same gesture that I made. She's so smart!

So we went out this weekend and bought her a Safety 1st® Comfy Cushy™ 3-in-1 Potty!
Let the potty training begin!

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