Friday, October 8, 2010

High Tech. Toys or Not??

Have you ever thought about this ? Do you want your baby pushing buttons to create sound, lights and movement ? Is that ok? Does this stimulate some brain exercise of some sort ? I always wondered these questions when I enter a baby store to select Olivia's net venture.  I see all the flashing lights and sounds, and sure they're very stimulating, but honestly, I think its a bit much!

You know these over priced leap frog toys that light up, glow, and talks to your baby. Yeah, I just don't think that a baby can comprehend or learn from these toys. Of course every parent wants a healthy, happy and smart baby, but I doubt that leap frog will have anything to do with the "smart" part. That's just one's mom's opinion!

My daughter has a few toys, not a lot, just a few. I watch her play everyday, and I pay close attention to the toys that she remains focused on for at least 20 minutes or more. And guess what, its not the battery operated toys, it never is. She adores her Circo® Wooden Bead Maze, her 

Fisher-Price Rock-A-Stackand her Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby's First Blocks.

I believe these toys will add more creativity skills than any of battery operated toys. Just the simple fact that she enjoys putting the star-shaped block into the star-shaped hole, brings me much satisfaction.  She figured it out on her her with out any visual aids, sirens or bells. Although she has played with these blocks for over 5 months now, she still hasn't mastered it just yet, but I do see that she is understanding it more and more each day as she sits before it to play. She spends a great deal of time focusing on one block, rotating it, passing it from hand to hand, tasting it, throwing it across the room, just to go fetch it, and shove into one of the six holes until it fits. 

Honestly, I find that to be quiet impressive, it shows me that she has will power, she's exploring, she utilizes all of her senses, she's testing gravity, experiencing trial and error, all while remaining focused on the task at hand.

Now for that activity center/walker that lights up, and plays music as she inserts the ball into the hole, a waste of money in my opinion. This walker never aided her with her first steps, in fact I found it to be a bit dangerous on hard wood floors. She did not use this walker as a walker, until he began walking. Odd Right ? She did indeed utilize that activity center a bit often, but i don't think the sirens and lights really enticed her. Well maybe just a bit. I did witness the excitement on her face the first few times she inserted the ball into the hole. But that excitement withered.

I don't want to sound like I'm bashing these noise making, battery operated toys, I just think that in the developing years, it's important to stick to the basics and allow your child to develop the creativity skills that will help them learn and grow mentally.
I'm only making these points from my observations with Livy, and a few random thoughts I have on a daily basis when I watch her during play time.

As for now, I don't plan on introducing any new toys until she masters the ones that she has. But I do know that at this stage, I will purchasing future toys items from Melissa & Doug! I'd like to sit back and watch  her develop those creative skills.  It makes me proud to know that she is learning and growing everyday.

Wooden ABC/123 Blocks

A few items on my Next List:

Stacking Train


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