Monday, September 20, 2010

We love shopping!

Olivia is pretty much at that stage where she has grown out of the majority of the clothes that we received as shower gifts, and the tons of summer clothes that she's sported this summer, so now, we're pretty much on our own, so its time to go fall shopping.

At the age of 11 months, she wears a size 12-18m in clothing, and a size 5 in shoes! She's a long gal, and run-way modeling may be in her future, but for now, she models for mommy!

I came across the old navy baby sale and I couldn't help but to add a few items to Olivia's fall collection. I actually thought I'd go bananas in there, but I didn't. In my opinion, you don't get the best quality in Old Navy clothing, but you definitely get the "Look" for less. Quality is way more important to me, that is why I only purchased the items that had true quality and durability, and were worth the 10 bucks/item that I spent.

2-in-1 Sweater Dresses for Baby $15
i love the embroidered embellishment around the neckline

Embroidered Dresses for Baby $10
again, the embellishment and the earth tones, make the dress worth the price. I love the look

Boot-Cut Jeans for Baby $10
I prefer a more stylish skinny leg, but they were all sold out. I may check back again today.

I purchased a few more items from old navy, like tights, and socks but i didnt take any pics. I plan to accessorize with some handmade knitted goods from the talented sellers on etsy. For example, this hat is so adorable and a must have to tie in Olivia's fall look

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