Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hair Products , Meet the Trash Can!

If i keep these products in my closet, then I am simultaneously keeping the hair off my head. I am not bashing Motions Hair Products, I'm just saying that they are not right for me and my natural hair.

Some of the ingredients in these products are DEADLY! Hmmm, and I've been using this stuff for years.

Ha! Some of these products actually LOCK OUT moisture! And I wondered why my hair wasn't growing?
I used this product in the past to remove my bonded weaves. The ingredients are terrible!
I am taking a completely different approach to my hair care, and my daughter's. I am educating myself about natural hair care, and the wonderful world of natural products that are made for women like me and young girls like my daughter.

There is so much to talk about when it comes to black hair, and I will address those topics in a later post, but what I must say is that with everything I do, from home birthing to going natural, there is one  key factor that sets off my choices, and journeys that I have begun. That key factor is "Seeking Knowledge".

When you seek knowledge, you learn how to take control of your life,  you become a completely responsible being. You make the choice to never become a victim, a statistic, or some one's guinea pig.

PS. as I sit here typing this blog, I turn around to see Olivia going through the basket of hair products and it dawned on me that if Olivia had accidentally consumed just a small amount of some of these products, it can cause great harm. Now really, are these the kind of products I so badly need in my life ? I'm just saying!

I use extra virgin olive oil (evoo) on Olivia's skin for her eczema, and in her hair to lock in moisture. If she had ever accidentally consumed evoo, she may receive an extra dose of protection against heart disease!

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