Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fun Day in the City

This day wasn't planned for a day in the city at all, we were scheduled to do a bit of house hunting and then off to the museum, but we got to a very late start, and had to revise our day accordingly.

We ended up on a quick drive to the city, and winged it from there:

First Stop: New York Burger Co - Yummy!

Rakiem suggested that we have burgers for lunch, and we just happened to be passing the New York Burger Franchise at the same time, so we made  pit stop and indulged!
I had the Seattle Burger topped with avocado,  Rakiem had the Dallas Burger, and Olivia had french fries, tons of french fries, she actually ate them all.

Next Stop: Limelight Marketplace - Interesting!

Remember Limelight, the church turned nightclub spot in the city ? Well now it's a bit more appropriate, they've turned it into a marketplace where many of the city's small businesses come together and display their more intriguing products under one roof.

Butterfly Bakeshop


The Little Candy Cake Co

Brocade Home

Last Stop: Spirit - SpOoKy & FuN!
Hello Mr.President
 Olivia had a blast!

  Can you guess who these people are ?

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