Friday, September 24, 2010

A Day at the Park

I love spending quality time with my Olivia. At least once a week we go on a little field trip in to the city or a park. On Tuesday, I decided to take Olivia into Harlem to Amy Ruth's for lunch (okay I really wanted some Amy Ruth's) but still it was a nice outing!

I ordered The Afrika Bambatta  (which is basically fried whitings) along with baked macaroni and cheese and candied yams and it came with a square of warm cornbread. I ordered to go and headed straight to central park, the north end by the big pool, and pond.

Olivia and I sat on the bench by the pond and shared our Amy Ruth's luncheon, while site seeing. I think she really enjoyed herself. I had gone over to the corner bodega to pick up a box of apple juice or fruit  juice, and I wasn't surprised at all, there were no fruit juices to be found. So I caved in and allowed Olivia to drink a box of Ssips Juice, which only contains 10% Fruit Juice, the other 90% = sugar, water, preservatives, the stuff I don't want her consuming at all. And to top it off, i she had her very first Lollipop which she LOVED, and of course I had to pry it out of her little fingers when I felt she had enough.
Olivia had a great day, and so did I.

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