Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Mother and My Daughter

I gave birth to Olivia 1 day after my sister's 40th birthday.
That means a lot to me because this means that my mother was in labor with her first child and experienced that same feelings as I did just 40 years ago, on the same day.

As you may already know, Olivia was born at home, yes on purpose. (I'll do a nice long post about the wonderful home birth experience real soon.) My mom flew into town just a few days before Olivia's birth and made it very clear that she didnt want to be there for the birth because she didnt want to see me in pain. I can totally understand that. But she ended up being there anyway.

Athough she wasnt in the bedroom as I birthed my daughter, she was just a few feet away in another room, crying and praying for a healthy delivery. Even though she wasnt in the same room, I truly felt the love and support from my mom, and was very happy that she was present. I was so happy to yell out "Mommy, come and see your grand daughter" just moments after I delivered Olivia (and the placenta).
My mom came peeking into the room, she walked over, looked at Olivia, then she looked at me. She held Olivia for a few seconds, and left the room again. I think mom was still a bit nervous, but she said she just didnt want to get in the way.
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  1. What a lovely picture Dana. Grandma and Granddaughter....they look to be in such peace - such a precious moment captured... awwwwww!!!

    Also what a lovely gift to Auntie Lisa and the dates are truly wonderful. GOD plans every detail of our lives out PERFECTLY...OLIVIA was right on time!!


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