Saturday, November 7, 2009

2 Weeks Old!

Length: I don't know, when we wen to the doctor when she 10 days old, they measure Olivia to be 20 inches. I guess I can just measure her myself right ? Yeah, I'll do that.

Weight: 7 pounds 11 ounces! Thats great, her weight went back up, she was 7.08 at birth, then 7.03 after 3 days and now she's back up and gaining. She is already growing out of her newborn onsies and newborn diapers.

Feeding Schedule: Olivia gets breastfed about 10 times a day and 1 bottle of formula a day. She feeds about every 2-3 hours in the day and about every 3-4 hours at night, and through the night. I watched a DVD that I borrowed on netflix about breastfeeding, it was pretty helpful, as far as setting a feeding schedule for Olivia. I feed her every 3 hours from 6am - Midnight. Then from midnight to 6am, I feed her only when she wakes.

Sleeping Schedule: Olivia sleeps for about 3 hours at a time. Sometimes a bit longer, but I always wake her if she hits the fourth hour. I wake her and feed her, and keep her up for a little bit before she goes back to sleep. She is sleeping pretty well through the night, waking about twice and thats it.

Milestones: Olivia holds her head up all on her own, nice and strong. This week I read an article that said that if I stick my tongue out at her, she will do the same in response, and guess what, she did it. But I am convinced that babies her age just randomly stick their tongues out from time to time

Best Moment This Week: Every moment is the best moment, I love Olivia.

Parenting Wisdom: You know how they say sleep when baby sleeps, well I find that when she goes to sleep, I use the next 5 - 8 minutes to do something around the house. Whether its to wash the dishes or just make the bed, it just makes me feel better. And if you do it enough through out the day, you will have a semi clean home that wont drive you crazy.

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  1. Keep the updates coming (breastfeeding/formula/keeping ya sanity)....they are AWESOME!
    Right behind you chica...CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRAT!!!


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