Saturday, October 31, 2009

Olivia turns 1 Week old today !

Olivia turns one week old today, and its been a wonderful, emotional, stressful, & joyful week.
Rakiem and I have spent most of our nights adjusting to our new schedule. Olivia sleeps all day long and wakes up in the late hours of night for her feedings and play time.

On Sunday, we had our 24 hour check up with Sakina (our midwife). She came to our home and checked on Olivia and I. Just making sure that mommy and baby are doing fine. I really enjoyed the one on one home visit. Rakiem and I were able to ask Sakina all of the questions of concerns from our first night with our baby girl.

On Tuesday, Olivia and I left the house for the first time since her birth, She had her first doctor's visit with Pediatrician Dr.Zatz in Nyack. The routine check up went well. Dr.Zatz gave us ample time to ask all about all of our concerns. Dr.Zatz gave Olivia a clean bill of health, and sent us on our merry way.

The remainder of the week, we spent lots of time adjusting and taking turns around Olivia's sleeping and eating schedule which isn't so easy to do. I spend a lot of time pumping milk in the day , so that Rakiem can feed her at night and allow me to sleep, but still, there is something about a mothers touch that Olivia requires to get her to go to sleep.

Well, its time for me to wrap this up and get some sleep, I am starving and tired. Before you go, take a look at who learned how to put their tiny little fingers into their tiny little mouth:

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  1. How awesome....shes 1 week already...time flies! I hear you on adjusting to a schedule, the babies schedule. In some time she will sleep all night long...I love babies at this stage ( the need in them drives me :).

    Just pray for me girl...I have two on the!


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