Monday, September 21, 2009

Week 37

So my body feels as if I was in a serious fight last night and I lost. My arms are soar, my hips are soar, my eyes are dark and puffy, I'm telling you, this isnt getting pretty.

Getting up in the morning for work becomes a huge task, and most mornings I just really want to pull the sheets over my head when the sun breaks through and pretend that it's a weekday.

I never thought I'd start to feel this way, because my belly bump came on very slowly. I thought that I'd be popping up outta bed and hitting the road like the energizer bunny, but this isn’t the case. After week 35, you can find me in the couch most evening after work, just sleeping off into another world. It's not the most comfy place to rest, but at this point it's too hard to be comfortable anywhere, so the couch is just as good as the bed.

Although I feel this way now, still, I can’t complain. Every part of this pregnancy has been normal up to date, and I must be thankful. So far it’s been a pleasant journey and the best has yet to come. All the discomfort, and the changes that my body has been through, doesn’t even add up to the amount of happiness and joy that we’ll cherish and receive when we welcome our first child into this world.

On to the Questions:

How far along?: 37 weeks on Friday.

Total weight gain: 15lbs

How big is baby?: I don’t know, and when I asked my midwife, she said she doesn’t know either. She doesn’t do sonograms (like my previous MW did) She feels around on my tummy to get an idea of the babies weight and to find the position.

Maternity clothes?: You mean the clothes that I am starting to grow out of now ? Yeah I got tons of those , some of which are so stylish, I plan to alter them into normal wear.

Stretch marks?: That’s a FUNNY question, because up until last week Friday in the women’s bathroom at work, I had no clue about these stretch marks that lived on the underside of my belly. Infect I revealed my tummy to a few co-workers in the bathroom, just to show them the few little ones that popped up along the side, but there was a surprise waiting under there for me. There’s a whole gang of em down under.

Sleep?: I love to sleep, be I cant never seem to achieve a good nights sleep. Its very hard to get comfortable.

Best moment this week?:
Friday, got a very nice surprise from my co-workers. They threw a wonderful baby shower for me, and showered me with a great amount of gifts, good foos, and a srcumptious cake..Yummy!

Saturday, slept the entire day and then went to watch the boxing at a friends house. Its always nice to meet up with every and hang out.

Food cravings?: Passed that stage. Now focusing on my herbal teas, prenatal vitamins, and evening primrose oil..

Labor signs?:
Just that one time, never happened again.

Belly button in or out?: The left half is out the right side is in.

What I'm looking forward to: This week, being my last week at work. I can now rest and await her arrival.

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