Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Summer Showers!

On 8/8/2009 we had our baby shower.Hosted by Lynne, one of my BFF's, the shower was painted with lilic and soft gold all over. It was an outdoor event at Kim's house, a old friend for over 16 years now. Kim was so kind to open up her home to all of my family and friends so that we celebrate & welcome our baby girl into the world.

I was so happy to have my mom, my 2 sister's and Mrs.Jones fly to NY to see us and celebrate with us. We had great food, tons of fun shower games hosted by Dionne (who's now expecting twins) and plenty of wonderful gifts. We are so thankful.

Thank You cards will go out soon, I promise. I'm bad when it comes to sending thank you cards on time.

Dionne reading directions to the name game

another game to see how fast Rakiem can change a diaper

1 comment:

  1. too cute....so happy to finally see pictures from the event. Can't wait to see her BUTT looking BIG in that onesie (lol).


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