Monday, September 21, 2009

A Mini Maternity Shoot

Both Rakiem and I are professional photographers. We spend many of our weekends shooting weddings together as a team. We have a great time together shooting other people, but when its time for either one of us to come before the camera, we can never seem to make the time. Either I'm too lazy or he's too busy.

One weekend, hours before a wedding shoot. I was laying out on the couch, as I usually do, and Rakiem decided to grab the camera and capture a few shots. He took about 3 or 4 shots, adjusting his settings each time, and then simply put the camera back down. That's it, and we're done, photo shoot complete. A few days later, I started to upload images off my flash cards and came across the 4 images Rakiem took of me. And this is the best shot. I love it!
We promise, one weekend, we'll take some time out to shoot our maternity pics.
We have a bit of time, I hope.

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