Monday, September 28, 2009

Birth Education : "Bringing Forth the Beauty of Birth"

Rakiem and I completed a weekend intense birth education session this weekend and must I say it was nothing like I would have ever expected.

I had the most fulfilled weekend of my life! it was amazing. It wasn't just about birth and what to expect, but more about going deeper within and finding out who you are, and why you chose the paths that you chose, why you chose your spouse, what he/she means to you, how you view him etc. At least this is what I received from it, and so glad that I did.

The first day was sorta like couples counseling in a sense, and a few good things came out that made us view each other in better light, with better understanding. Things that we just never spoke about in the past, just ignored and hoped that we would get through it. It was great I loved it, and because of it, our bond will be forever stronger. This weekend I learned a few thing about my husband, that I never took the time out to question or understand, and for the most part, I think he can say the same. I think we broke down a few barriers that we didn't even know were there.

The second day was all about preparing for the birth, the exercises, the breathing techniques, the birth positions, what to do, what not to do, how to do deep breathing and meditation, swaying the hips and dancing. Techniques that have helped many women manage the contractions, search for the strength within, and bring forth their child. We loved every part of it.

It was worth every penny.
I would do it again and again and again

I think EVERY woman who is planning to have a baby should do a Birth Preparation Course with Karma Cloud. I feel like a whole new person, with much more meaning in my life. I'm more connected within.

Karma Cloud is a certified Expressive Arts Creativity Mentor/Facilitator, Birthing Coach and Art teacher.

Her work focuses on teaching clients to learn from their life experiences through creative self discovery.

Her services include: Birth Support Services, Expressive Arts workshops for children and adults, Personal & Professional Coaching & Consulting, & Creative Rites of Passage Event Planning

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