Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bassinet vs. Bassinet/Play yard combo

So we scratched the crib for now. Why ? For a few reasons: mobility & compact ! We really thought about the bassinet idea, I never second guessed myself on that, "Of course we need a bassinet". Before every purchase we make, I tend to ask a few mom friends of mine a some questions before making that final decision. So the questions I asked about the bassinet were:

Was is helpful?
Was it inexpensive?
How long did you use it?
Would you buy it again ?

Thats it, thats all I need to know, and with the results of that questionnaire, most moms would scratch the bassinet and skip directly to a bassinet/playpin combo and then the crib.

Why? Because survey says that most babies grow out of the bassinet stage in a matter of 3 months!! Why would I spend $150 (the average price for a bassinet) for 3 months of convenience ? Just doesn't add up to me.

So the next best thing, which is fairly new on the market: the bassinet/play yard combo.
Which means after she grows out of the bassinet stage, we still have a play yard with a few years of usage for the same price!! YAY!!

$139.99 well spent ? I think so. What do you think ?

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