Saturday, August 1, 2009

Interview with My Mommy: Mrs Thomas

ME: Good Morning Mommy, you have a minute to talk. (Yes, I really do call my mom Mommy)

MOM: Yes, I can talk, I'm at the shop, but I have a moment.

ME: Okay, I have some questions for you about pregnancy, child birth, & raising babies

MOM: Ok, go ahead,

ME: Okay, lets start with pregnancy. You had 4 pregnancies, which produced 5 beautiful children, 1 who is now an angel. What do you have to say about your pregnancies?

MOM: Well every pregnancy is different from the other, but for the main part, all of my pregnancies were normal, no complications.

ME: How much did all of us weigh at birth?

MOM: Well Lisa was 7lbs 14oz, Symone was 1lb 13oz, Dwayne (deceased) was 1lbs 11oz, you were 8lbs 13oz, & Carl was 7lb 14oz. (Symone & Dwayne were twins)

ME: Wow, so I was the biggest?

MOM: Yes, you were a fat greedy baby (laughter)

ME: Ok, so lets talk about the one pounders, Symone & Dwayne. Why were they so tiny.
(I already know that answers, but for interview sake, I must ask)

MOM: Well you know they were premature. They were due in June, but I gave birth in February. Dwayne didn’t make it past 2 weeks, and Symone came home after 6 months.
I went to the hospital every single morning at 9 in the morning to see them. Everyday until I was able to bring Symone home.

ME: Wow Mom, Symone is a miracle baby.

MOM: Yes, she is.

My mother and I have spoke about this topic numerous times, and those conversations would go way deep into details but I decided to keep the topic short for this interview. Please don’t think I was being inconsiderate to the topic

ME: Okay, so back to the pregnancies, were you active through out all of your pregnancies?

MOM: Oh yes, very active, I did EVERYTHING!! Dana, remember that pregnancy is not an illness, stay active, and do EVERYTHING!! Don’t limit yourself, unless the doctors tell you so. But don’t get lazy, you need to stay active. All those things you’re telling me that you’re tired, you cant clean the kitchen, that’s all excuses! You need to get - -

ME: OKAY !! I get your point MOTHER!
Let’s talk about feedings. Did you breastfeed?

MOM: Yes, I wanted to breastfeed all of you guys, but you guys wouldn’t take the breast. I was only able to breastfeed Lisa, but the rest of you were formula fed. You were the one that was allergic to everything, WE had to get a special formula for you, It was called Neutromogen, it was the most expensive formula at that time. It was 19.00 for 1 can. Everything else we fed you would make you break out in rashes, so we had no choice. I couldn’t wait to put you on cornmeal & banana porridge.

ME: Ok. now lets talk about diapers, I really wanna use cloth diapers and I know that you used cloth diapers on Carl (my little brother) but did you use them on all of us ?

MOM: Yes I did, I used nappies (cloth diapers) on all of you. Nappies are a lot of work but this is all I know, this is what we used back home.

ME: Is there any reason why you chose to use them over disposables?

MOM: Well, like I said this is what I know, this is what I was familiar with. Also, you're going to save money , and they're much more comfortable for the baby. The nappies were 100% cotton.

ME: How often did you clean them?

MOM: Well, I washed them everyday by hand and hung them to dry. I would occasionally was them in the washing machine if I had a full load, but that was rare, so I would just hand wash them.

ME: How long were you able to use them?

MOM: When I went back to work, I couldn't force Miss Lottie (a family friend & babysitter) to use them, she had to use what was comfortable for her. But overall, I used the nappies for about 5 or 6 months, and then you guys were switched to disposables. You really need to be at home, if you wanna use them.

ME: Ok, now on to baby food, did you buy baby food in the jar or did you make you own ?

MOM: I did both. I would buy some baby food in the jar, but if I were home, I would make my own. I would blend peas, carrots, apples, fish, potatoes, etc. The jar food was convenient if i didn't have the time to make my own.

ME: I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. I wanna do the same mommy, I'm gonna blend fruits veggies, and meats to make her food. I wanna jar them and store them. But of course I'll buy them pre-made when needed.

MOM: Good, call me of you need help with that.

ME: Okay Mommy, I have one more topic. I wanna talk to you about natural child birth, were all of your births natural ?

MOM: Yes, all were natural, I pushed all of you out. No pain medication , and no cesarean section.

ME: So I guess you had no complications at all, right ?

MOM: Well, with my last pregnancy, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure the same day I found out that I was pregnant.

ME: So isn't that considered pre-eclampsia ? I thought they didn't allow women with that condition to give natural birth.

MOM: I guess my blood pressure was under control at the time of labor and delivery otherwise the doctors would have suggested a c-section.

ME: Well, Mommy, thanks for the interview, any last words of advice for me?

MOM: Take care of your body, eat right, drink milk, and lots of water, Make sure you take your prenatal pills too. Pregnancy is not an illness, so stay active, and everything should be okay. Okay ?

ME: Okay! Talk to you later Mom

MOM: Alright, Olive Juice!

ME: Olive Juice Too

(Olive Juice means I Love You)


  1. I loved this!! It soo true how the OLDER we get the more we NEED our mothers in our lives. As women we seek their advice, support and approval in all we do. I truly loved this interview. Pregnancy is NOT a sickness but Momma Thomas....they don't make us like they used too - LOL!! Props to all the OL SKOOL moms!

  2. Thats what I wanna be, an ol' skool MOM..LOL


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