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How to Measure Your Uterus During Pregnancy |

How to Measure Your Uterus During Pregnancy

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Step 1. First you will want to lay down on your back somewhere comfortable, such as a bed.

Step 2. Now feel your tummy for your uterus. If you are about 20 weeks, your uterus should be about at the level of your belly button. If you are less than 20 weeks, it should be below your navel, and if you are more than 20 weeks, it should be above. It will feel slightly hard, smooth, and round. Once you have felt it, feel around for the top of your uterus. The top of your uterus is called your fundus. You should not try to measure your uterus until 20 weeks because before that, the measurements can be off.

Step 3. Now you need to know where your pubic bone is. This is down by your pubic hair. Push down right above your line of pubic hair until you feel the top of a bone. This is your pubic bone!

Step 4. Now take the tape measure and measure in centimeters how far it is from your pubic bone to your fundus (the very top of your uterus). Whatever number you got for your measurement should correlate with the number of weeks you are. If you are 27 weeks you should have measured 27 centimeters. You may be bigger or smaller than how far along you are and usually that is nothing to worry about. If you are DRASTICALLY larger or smaller then I would bring it up with your doctor.

Step 5. Congratulations! You now know how to measure your uterus during pregnancy.

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