Monday, August 24, 2009

33 weeks!

My life has been so busy lately, to a point where people are asking me "Aren't you pregnant?"
But I must say, it feels so good to be this this active and this energetic so far along in the pregnancy. I just cant believe that I have approximately 7 weeks to go and my daughter will be here. Are we ready ?

One thing I try not to concern myself with is that everyone keeps telling me that I am carrying small. I am very pleased with the fact that I weighed myself this morning and I have only gained a total of 10 pounds, but at the same time I wonder if baby Jones is growing the way she should be. According to the visits with my midwife, baby Jones is doing just fine, so I'll just leave all the worries behind!

We had a fabulous baby shower on the 8th. We received so many great gifts from all of our family and friends. Rakiem and I are so appreciative of all the gifts we received. (Thank you cards will be in the mail shortly) Everything is still packed up in boxes, and I didn't even wash her clothes just yet, or buy those darn cloth diapers, that's a project on its own.. I will be taking a week or 2 off before my due date, and during that time, I will do all the last minute shopping, organizing and purchasing before baby Jones arrives.

Now that we are getting closer and closer to the due date, I am starting to feel a few changes in my body; like my hip joints are a bit achy, my lower back is tightening, and sleeping is becoming a bit more difficult. But hey, I'm rolling with the punches. Bring it on labor!!

Now for the questions

How far along?: 33 weeks

Total weight gain: 10 – 11 pounds

How big is baby?: about 3.5 lbs

Maternity clothes?: Yes, and may I add that I LOVE maternity pants..well not the part where they are constantly sliding off my butt!

Stretch marks?: Yes, got a few more, they’re very faint, lets hope they stay that way.

Sleep?: Cant wait to sleep on my belly again, I really miss those days.

Best moment this week?: Rakiem and I went to Argyle Park in Babylon, NY to shoot and engagement session with a fall bride & groom. I love getting out and meeting new people, especially my brides!

Movement?: So I guess she really isn’t a kicker, just a mover. I get a kick maybe once or twice a day, but she is always shifting & moving & stretching.

Food cravings?: Sweet Tea from McDonalds, gonna go get one after this blog post.

Labor signs?: No.

Belly button in or out?: Still half out, half in.

What I miss: besides sleeping on my tummy, nothing. I’m really enjoying my pregnancy.

What I'm looking forward to: Organizing, washing, and preparing our humble abode for baby Jones.

Weekly Wisdom: Trust and Believe in yourself, if you don’t, then who will?


  1. Hey!!! Happy to hear everything is great with the baby, remember I told you I carried small for Autumn and she was perfect. Your baby will be too. Don't worry. I'm still waiting on those pics though! LOL!!

  2. Everything is as GOD has intended..enjoy your last weeks..and your last private moments with her. GOD BLESS!


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