Monday, July 20, 2009

Why we are using cloth diapers

Many people shy away from cloth diapers because they think they are difficult to use. However, with the advances made in the way cloth diapers are manufactured and the fabrics used, you will see that most cloth diapering options are as easy, if not easier to use than the disposable diaper counterpart.

1. Cloth diapers are better for your baby.

Cloth diapers do not have many of the harsh chemicals used in disposable diapers. A newborn baby’s outer skin layer is not yet strong enough to block absorption of some of the chemicals used in disposable diapers.

2. Cloth diapers are better for the environment.

The environmental impact of cloth diapers is far less than that of disposable diapers. When using cloth diapers, you are still impacting the environment through the energy consumed in the care of your diapers. However, this cost and consumption is easy to control and is becoming greener everyday with advances in washer and dryer technology. This is still a much better choice than using a disposable diaper which is single use, and may take up to 500 years to decompose in a landfill.

3. Cloth diapers can save you money.

The average American family spends approximately $2,500 per child on disposable diapers from the time a baby is born until they are potty trained. This figure is multiplied further with each child a family has. Cloth diapers, on the other hand can cost anywhere between $400-$1,200 for the entire set-up. And when properly cared for, it can be re-used with future children.

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