Thursday, July 23, 2009

What should we name our baby girl?

I had baby names picked out for years! Since I was about 14 in highschool, I think I had all the names lined up for all 5 of my children. Now that I'm actually having a baby, you'd think I'd
have the name planned by now, but I don't.

Names are very important, and I love a name with a solid meaning behind it. People have thrown many names my way,
but one night I laid in bed and her name just came to me. I pulled my phone off the charger and went to and searched that particular name and it had the perfect meaning behind it. So there, I am pretty much content with the name, and Rakiem likes it too, but he's still undecided on the name. He has a list of about 8 names total.......and.........I like my name the best.

So.......what to do....what to do ?
We came up with the poll to the left, please help us decide.

1 comment:

  1. Pray on it......the name will come to you both and sit well. I heard some people start saying the names (one name at a time) at least for a week or so to get a "FEEL" for the name and see how they "TAKE" to it...try it!


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