Monday, July 20, 2009

Pregnancy Tea

Now here's a tea I've never heard of before meeting my midwife. In fact, when she introduced it to me, I thought she was joking. I made my way over to WholeFoods to check it out myself.
"Organic Pregnancy® Tea supports a healthy pregnancy* by combining herbs used for thousands of years by women in Europe and North America to tone uterine muscles, provide nourishment and prepare the womb for childbirth.* Modern pharmacological studies on raspberry leaf, a primary ingredient in Organic Pregnancy® Tea, substantiate its traditional uses in preparation for childbirth. Organic Pregnancy® Tea is a pleasant blend of herbal tastes – astringent, slightly bitter and spicy, with aromatic spearmint."
The tea is very "herbally" in taste, if you know what I mean. It has a touch of mint, along with other subtle flavors. I enjoy the taste, it's similar to peppermint to with a twist, but I think I enjoy the future benefits even more.
I should be drinking 3 cups a day, which is recommended, but I just cant get used to drinking tea so many times in a day. I guess I should set up some sort of reminder on my phone, yeah like I've been meaning to do to remind me to take my prenatal vitamins..ugh.

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