Thursday, July 30, 2009

How to Sew a Cloth Diaper

I think I may be able to do this. I don't know how to sew, and never used a sewing machine in my life,but I can learn. I'd like to have at least 36 cloth diapers prepared before she arrives. I can turn this into a daily task.

Lets see if I can stick to this!

(In the video she made 30 diapers for a total of $54.90)


  1. I sew all the time Dana....if you need a hand lemme know!

  2. We should have a diaper sewing party, LOL.
    I sew too. I'm not an expert, but got the basics down.

  3. Wow, reading all those facts was VERY interesting. Disposable diapers are horrible on the environment.

  4. Dionne!! You sew ?? You've been totally holdinng out on me !!
    OMG.. a Diaper Sewing Party!! I LOOVE that idea. I am holding this to you.
    I need to sew up at least 30 diapers before she arrives.. This sounds like fun!!! I'll get the evites going!!

  5. I know, disposable diapers are horrible, but unfortunately at some point i am going to have to use it if I can't get a nanny/daycare to continue using them.

  6. Flushing the toilet is HORRIBLE and having HUGE land fills with TOXIC chemicals and etc are even worse...but the waste has to go somewhere:(. As long as you minimize enviormental waste just a "BIT" each a day you will be doing your part.

    Yeah I can sew are too much. If you need HELP just throw me a needle...Im QUICK!


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