Thursday, March 12, 2009


I have already established that I will breastfeed my baby because of all of the wonderful benefits that come along with it. I have spoken with so many mothers that are close to my age that have described their breastfeeding experiences as painful, irritating, and time consuming. Because of all of these not so positive experiences, I have decided to learn how to breast feed way in advance (way before i became pregnant) so that I can get around all of the problems new moms seem to have.

One of the major sources for education is YouTube. Their are so many amazing and resourceful videos on youtube just waiting to be watched. Here are a few that i found to be helpful:

I also found this neat product by Milkies. It's a milk saver that captures the milk from the un occupied breast during a feeding.

"Slim and portable, no one will even know you are wearing it. Best of all — it collects your leaking breast milk when you nurse, allowing you to store extra breast milk effortlessly. When you have breast milk available all the time, you will never resort to formula."


In May, my husband and I are going on vacation. . the details are a surprise (to him that is) so that's the most information that I can share for now. He's turning 30, and I just wanted to do something really special.

I really didnt expect to have a little jones in the making so my already purchased wardrobe pieces for this trip can take a back seat in my closet next to my wedding gowns (yes gowns with an "s"), and now I've got to head over to Motherhood Maternity or where ever else the expecting mom shop. I'm not complaing though, these suits are so cute, so are a little sexy too.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

1st Doctor's Appointment

So two weeks after taking the First Response pregnancy test, we finally make it to the doctor's office for real confirmation, and to see how far along are we. Not that I had any doubts at all. . I definitely had the morning sickness, the bloating, the cravings for lemon slices, and several trips to the bathroom. I guesstimated my pregnancy to be about 5-6 weeks. After doing the urine test, blood test, and vaginal sonogram, we find that we are 8 weeks and 4 days into our pregnancy and a due date of October 16, 2009.

I just can't believe that I am already 2 months pregnant, and had no clue at least anytime before 3 weeks ago. So I think I am doing pretty well. I started taking my folic acid 2 weeks ago when i got the positive results from the home test. And your probably wondering how did I have folic acid pills if I weren't exactly planning just yet.. . .long story. . .but through conversation with my Doctor, she suggested that I start taking them before I get pregnant, just to help prepare my body with good vitamins and nutrients.

So, as per courtesy of, here is what everything should look like at 8 weeks:

And here is what it really looks like via ultrasound sonogram.

The only thing I cant really make out is the yolk sac that was pointed out to me, and I am assuming that the image is right side up. . hmm. Well we did see the tiny heart beat thumping away and we were able to make out the little buds for arms and legs as we watched on the screen. We were so excited, we didn't ask many questions, we just watch with our mouths dropped open, the 2 minute preview of our little one. . see you soon baby Jones!
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